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RPE srl was founded by the current owner Giuliano Ravazzani in 1972 and was born with the production of electro-locks and with the repair of programmers for washing machines. In 1975, thanks to the business spirit of the owner, the production of solenoid valves for one-way appliances began. At the same time, more and more phases of the production cycle are being perfected. At the end of the 70s RPE is already equipped with injection molding machines, winding machines and assembly and testing transfers. Today RPE is a reference point in the solenoid valve market in Italy and in the world.

RPE is a guarantee mark in the field of solenoid valve design and enjoys ISO 9001: 2015 Certification The company supplies manufacturers of coffee machines, ice machines, dishwashers, industrial washing machines, floor washers, tap and installers and distributors of irrigation systems for small and large extensions. RPE valves are characterized by small dimensions, modularity, multi-outputs, high flow resistance, quick connections, single-core or bipolar cables and the possibility of supplying sparkling or smooth, hot or cold water, on which we boast quality certification. Suitable for any application, from irrigation systems to household appliances, from hydromassage to taps and drink installations, our valves adapt perfectly to the customer’s requirements, thanks to the very wide range available and also to the possibility we offer to customize the product.

RPE has always been attentive to Research and Development by creating a team of engineers, mainly dedicated to researching effective and innovative solenoid valves in the field of automatic fluid control. The successes achieved in research and development are the result of the ability to interact and cooperate with their customers. The company allocates a significant portion of its resources to research and development of new products at the same time satisfy the objective of being designed with cutting-edge methodologies and that represent an innovation in the panorama of products for fluid-dynamic use. Research and development has allowed RPE to become a recognized company reliable both on the Italian and international market. Thanks to the high quality of the materials and the advanced technologies used during production, efficiency, resistance and reliability are guaranteed with the RPE valves. The company produces solenoid valves at international level, related to water and food since it serves the coffee machine sector. It has already known how to change and adapt, since it was founded in the name of electric locks to switch to solenoid valves for small appliances.

The strengths are the technologies developed and the evolution in the world of food certifications. The desire to expand the vision of evolving medium-sized companies towards the outside world is constant, evaluating a 360-degree technological innovation. A need for continuous improvement, supported by technological innovation. RPE recognizes quality control management as a top priority. Managing and improving quality standards are essential in achieving the objectives the market requires and for the positive development of our products. This is why RPE has implemented the Quality Management System, a UNI EN ISO standard 9001:2015. This system controls the organizing structure, process, resources and documentation required to maintain the excellence established by RPE’s Business Policy.


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