Urbani Tartufi

In italy and abroad, 20 subsidiaries, five brands and 300 employees: these are the numbers of urbani tartufi, today in control of 70% global market share

The international headquarters are located on the premises of Urbani Tartufi, Sant’Anatolia di Narco, in the province of Perugia, Italy. 150 employees work here using innovative technologies to process and preserve truffles with a protocol that enhances their natural characteristics and allows for new possibilities of use. The careful and integrated organization of the production cycle, together with a qualified sales network, allows us to bring our products to gourmet tables around the world, achieving the same quality and level of satisfaction one would appreciate here in our homeland. In addition to the two locations in Umbria, Urbani Tartufi is also in Alba with Tartufalba Morra, and in Milan with its store located in the city center, close to Piazza 5 Giornate. Urbani Mushrooms, a group division dedicated to the marketing and sales of dried and frozen porcini mushrooms.

Most important is the Group’s presence abroad through the brand Urbani Truffles, with locations in all major countries of the world, and in US cities: New York (US headquarters), Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Miami. Our latest addition to the roster is the branch of Manila, in the Philippines and the best restaurant in Bangkok, The Urbani Truffle Br & restaurant.  To be remembered the Truffle Academy, a gastronomic center where chefs, expert, juornalist, exchange their own knowledge about truffles. Is a place where flavor profiles are constantly redefined to enrich your palate and the culture of good taste. And more, The Urbani Truffle Museum, , in memory of Cav. Paolo Urbani, who keeps a hundred years of family history, something that has left an indelible mark on the territory and in their people.

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