”Santo Passaia Furniture“ سانتو باسايا فرنيتشر

سانتو باسايا فرنيتشرهي شركة تصنيع نجارة فاخرة مخصصة تأسست منذ عام 1953
تقوما لشركة بإنشاء أثاث مفصل وألواحا لجدرانا لراقية والديكوراتا لداخلية بشكل كامل ومتخصصة بشكل رئيسي في عقودا لسكنا لفاخر.
كان عملاؤنا ولا يزالون من كبار الشخيصات في مجال الرياضة والرفيه، بالإضافة إلى أهمية الدولية.
تقدم سانتو باسايا فرنيتشرخدمة 360 درجة، بدءًا من م وع التصميم وحتى الركيب النهائي∫ ر فال كة، إذن، ليست فقط شركة تصنيع نجارة “بسيطة”، ولكن يمكن تعريفها بأنها “منشئ الم وع”. ر ر
ينفذ المنتج المصنع في ايطاليا 100 % في ورشة الشركة حيث الاستفادة من الخبراء الحرفيين الإيطاليين والحصول على أعلى جودة من المواد والتميز في الخدمة.
تقدم سانتو باسايا فرنيتشرخدمة إحساسًا فريدًا من نوعه إلى كل منزل أو مكتب أو مساحة تجارية مع أفضل المنتجات في صناعة الأخشاب.
تمتلك الشركة الموارد اللازمة لتنفيذ أي وظيفة يوجه إليها بفضل فريق من الحرفيين ذوي المهارات العالية والقسم الفني والمكتب الخلفي الذين يعملون عن قرب مع العملاء لضمان أن كل مشروع يعكس نمط حياتهم وشخصيتهم.

Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic

The magnificent Hotel VIU building is located between the historical “Chinatown” of Milan and the district of Porta Volta, an area which is under urban renovation and requalification since several years, projected towards the future.

The external building is characterized by glass, wood and metals: the glass façade is framed with luxurious and green plants, chosen to be in harmony with the green ambition of the neighbourhood.
The original Hotel VIU’s interior design has been signed by Arassociati Architects; the idea was to give a seamless interconnection between the building and the eco-friendly surroundings. All the floors are made with dark oak parquet, which is balanced by the natural light and soft colours of the curtains and internal textile decorations. The rooms and the common spaces have big floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow a high diffusion of natural light.

All the building’s furniture is connected to nature: floors are made of wood, the main colours are brown, light brown and beige and everything has been carefully taken care.
When the big main entrance glass door is open, you find yourself in front of a wide lobby where charming carpets and curtains, precious sofas, big libraries full of design and architecture books make you feel in a sophisticated and calm place.

The entire project was built to give a relaxing experience and everything has been thought in order to achieve this purpose: the architecture, the colours, the furniture, everything has been conceived to realize a comfortable environment; in this context, acoustics has a central role.
How can you have a relaxing space if you don’t care about acoustics? If you want to create a pleasant indoor climate, you have to avoid noises, loud voices, traffic sounds and echoes: acoustic control is the king of comfort.

Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic has been the choice they made to obtain the best acoustic comfort: the winning choice in this challenge where harmony, quality, beauty and simplicity must be joined to create such a special place. In the reception area, which is always crowded and noisy, all the ceiling is made of Rockfon Mono Acoustic in a light brown shade, which gives a touch of essentiality and simple beauty.

Hotel VIU Milan it is the only 5* hotel in Milan with an external swimming pool and a 360° view on the city skyline. The exceptional terrace offers a unique wonderful panoramic view such as its bar which is connected to outdoor. When you arrive at the 8o floor from the lift, you step into a magic place: a big charming bar with a black floor, small gold tables with light leather chairs and huge glass windows all over the room. From the rooftop bar you can access the terrace, where you can enjoy a unique panoramic view. Also here the hotel decided to use Rockfon Mono Acoustic panels. The render which was used use for the finishing produces an elegant and refined black surface that perfectly complements the interior.The atmosphere is fantastic; the acoustic comfort is at the maximum level.

If you choose Rockfon Mono Acoustic in its white version, you have an extremely bright surface , whose exceptional light diffusion will make you enjoy of the natural sunlight beauty. Even if you choose to personalize the ceiling with a coloured render to meet your design needs you will obtain an aesthetically pleasing seamless ceiling, offering excellent sound absorption properties (up to αw = 1.00, Class A). This ceiling perfectly integrates in any location, like a hidden “deus ex machina”: with its smooth monolithic surface, Rockfon Mono Acoustic absorbs sound and noises, and transforms your space in the best relaxing place ever, where you can have a business meeting or drink a cocktail.

Hotel VIU is a place that combines beauty, art, architecture, simplicity and comfort: proceed along the pedestrian Via Fioravanti, leave the rest behind and enter in this new dimension, listen the quiet through our Rockfon Mono Acoustic and enjoy your stay.