DAVINCI è la nuova proposta commerciale a cui CINO TECHNOLOGY (SHENZHEN) LTD si appresta ad affrontare sfidando i grandi nome del mercato mondiale delle macchine super automatiche del caffè in grani.

Realizzata con i migliori componenti ad oggi sul mercato, oltre ad avere la possibilità di poter scegliere una grammatura variabile da 6 a 22 gr. di caffè e svariate ulteriori combinazioni abbinate al latte, la macchina sarà affiancata nel suo design oltre che cda un integrato frigo e scalda tazze anche da una unità per erogazione di capsule per svariati tipologie di bevande e da un monta latte professionale.

CINO prevede la sua messa in commercio a partire dal 2020.

Astoria brings storm to the scene at the london coffee festival from 28 to 31 march

London, the cosmopolitan capital of England, with the arrival of spring traditionally becomes even richer in events and initiatives, rendering it even more attractive in the eyes of many visitors. One of the events not to miss for all coffee lovers is the London Coffee Festival, hosted from 28 to 31 March at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, where Astoria will again be present at the 2019 edition. One of the most important events in this sector, the Festival program includes gourmet coffee tasting, specialty teas, demonstrations by world famous baristas, live music and workshops to communicate the secrets of coffee and roasting to coffee’s #1 fans.

The London Coffee Festival is the premier trade fair in Europe for the world of specialty coffee: for this reason Astoria will be there with its top machine, the Storm, at stand (M04 – M05) with 3 examples, one standard and two FRC versions. At the Astoria stand various micro-roasters will alternate during these days, both Italian and English, letting the public and aficionados taste their own coffee brewed with Storm.

Finally, an important surprise reserved for all those who would like to test the potential of the machine: a “Free to try” Storm FRC will be present at the stand, allowing visitors who would like to test the quality of the machine for themselves to bring their own coffee and enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation, discovering all the secrets of the Astoria Storm.

Astoria – HYbrid

Top quality in the cup and user friendly workability: a combination possible thanks to HYbrid, a professional coffee machine by Astoria, that introduces a new paradigm in the world of super automatic machines.

#EverybodyEverywhere is the perfect claim for this machine, as in the new video campaign launched by the brand. “Everybody” stands for the user friendliness that allows even the less experienced users to work efficiently with it, serving a genuine Italian espresso, with top quality in the cup. With Astoria’s HYbrid, you can find the most authentic flavor “Everywhere”, even in those situations with considerable staff turnover, and where consumption of coffee and milk based beverages is very high.

For the first time pleasure and tradition combine in entering the automatic machine market: HYbrid is the ideal response to guarantee a quality offer in all operative contexts, thanks to its user friendly conception that merges manual practicality with automation in the simplest of ways. With HYbrid, a barman in attendance is not essential: emptying the filter holder and performing the daily washing cycles will suffice; all other settings are automatic. Even non expert personnel can activate the intuitive digital controls, settings are transferrable via USB, simplified cleaning operations are made possible thanks to the straight extractable filter holder: these are features that guarantee constant quality.

Multi boiler technology, heat adjustment of coffee boilers and of the sliders with separate settings for each boiler, a water pump for each individual brewing group: this then is Hybrid’s traditional core, linked with unique designing, based on many elements. Among these, the integration of an on demand grinder doser inside a traditional machine, the feature of a front insertion filter holder that gets automatically locked and is recognisable to the machine, automatic pressing of the ground coffee blend in the filter holder, on display programming of the quantity of coffee and the automatic dispensing of foamed milk directly in the cup.

The “pleasure” offered by HYbrid is the visual gratification provided by the operator’s gestural expressiveness while carrying out the manual actions inspired by the ritual of traditional baristas, thanks to the use of the characteristic filter and the presence of a steel dispenser unit, recalling the identity of a traditional machine.


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Cino coffee machine Mfg

Has been founded in 2006

For more than a decade, pioneer in capsule coffee machine rese – arch and development, CINO has now completed a full line of cap – sules coffee machines compatible with most customers’ capsules utili – zed in the market, to meet all clien – ts’ requirements, for both home and commercial use.

Strategically located in Baoan, 20 minutes from Shenzhen Airport and 2 hours from Hong Kong, in Guangdong province, CINO keeps on developing innovative capsule coffee brewing solutions with per – sonalized services.

The company has invested a lot in recent years, mainly by renewing the executive management sy – stem, with more skillful engineers and R&D team. This is going to al – low CINO to face new challenges in the market with more ideas and innovative products.

As an ISO certified factory, CINO products are broadly listed in CB, GS, CE, ETL, CCC, KC, UL and AS/ NZS certificates, and passed FDA and LFGB, capable to approach any market around the world. Today CINO has four assembly lines with 500,000-unit production capa – city per year, with products sold to more than 60 countries worldwide. Today CINO coffee machines are widely distributed by coffee roa – sters and importers to specialized retailers, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels across the world.

CINO products are presented in more than 20 major coffee related exhibitions and events every year. We are well recognized as a leading OEM manufacturer in the coffee machine and appliance industry.

CINO, a leading manufacturer in the capsule coffee machines in – dustry, pod for Vending and OCS, is proud to announce the establi – shment of CITALY: our Italian sub – sidiary (in the area of MALPENSA MILAN AIRPORT), headquarter for the Italian and European market. Another step closer to our client. Ci – taly has ready stock of capsule cof – fee machines in its own warehouse of 1,500 m2 and is capable to provide excellent service and immediate response to our European clients even for small orders. Citaly has a dedicated technical service support for any inquiry and assistance that our clients might require in the European market.

Hundreds of roasters and coffee lovers are going to CINO with their passion for coffee, to find solution for a perfect cup. Quality and results are driving the clients to go to CINO for more opportunities every year.

Very recently, in June 2017, Hi-P International Limited, a holding company with about 20,000 employees and more than 20 factories and offices worldwide, has decided to invest in CINO Coffee Machine, to create a technological pole to keep developing innovative products in coffee machine market.

Starting from October 2017 CINO will be renamed as CINO Technology (Shenzhen) Limited. With the support of Hi-P International Limited, CINO is now capable to attend clients with big volume orders. In the spirit of “innovation”, during HOST 2017, CINO will launch the latest DRINKSTATION water dispenser, with Alkaline, Sparkling, Hot and Pure Chilled Water.

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Kili Caffè, Italian traditional coffee

In 1970 begins the meticulous and accurate market research, in the fascinating world of coffee. This charming world brought us to amazing Africa and the astonishing Central and southern America, where we had a chance to complete and create a variety of coffee blends.

Kili Caffè

Giuseppe Arena, founder, and owner of this innovative coffee factory started this extraordinary business at the beginning of the 70’s by producing and commercialize coffee beans in packs of one kilo,(2.205 lbs).

The remarkable high quality of the product climbed and reached rapi – dly the top of the market.

Today the production and distribution of Kili Caffè cover the entire island of Sicily and Calabria, both own and third parties.

The ultimate goal is to achieve and conquer the national and international markets. Our knowledge and passion for coffee represent solid and constant growth, along with high quality and love for details.

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Brasilrecca, real espresso siciliano coffee

Brasilrecca is roasting real Espresso Siciliano Coffee since 1912 with passing on a long family tradition. An ancient and continuous passion that best expresses the tradition of the Recca family.

Quality, Passion, and Tradition as the guiding thread of business activity.

A great success achieved by combining the constant improvement of the quality of coffee and processing, a capillary distribution strategy in the HO.RE.CA. a network as well as a constant evolution of the services related to espresso coffee.

Quality is sought and achieved in all phases of the production and roasting process, from the rigorous selection of coffee at the origin to the careful roasting and careful composition of the blends, to the adoption of the most innovative packaging systems.

The use of the most modern and sophisticated systems allows the company to distinguish its activity from the competition, since its blending, the result of advanced industrial production processes that guarantee the highest quality standards, maintains the flavor of the traditional recipe of the past.

The final result is always the result of a long and patient process that begins in the production areas and is perpetuated in the care and constant implementation of all the processing phases.

In order to pursue the company mission aimed at the quality of coffee from the producer to the consumer, we have set up a permanent training center at our headquarters to offer a course calendar to our customers.

With this passion Brasilrecca has committed itself to new challenges in the coffee business: looking for dealers and distributors to grow in new markets; satisfying the demand for more sectors through the innovative single use coffee system in pods and capsules; reach new customer segments both in Italy and abroad, including through e-commerce.

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La San Marco changes the café concept


V6 is the jewel in La San Marco’s crown. A professional lever model with a dual side work area: a one of a kind machine which shakes up the concept of a café, encouraging a new coffee drinking experience, that is more social, interactive and personal. The exclusive design, developed together with Bonetto Design, takes its inspiration from the automotive world, shining the spotlight on elaborate internal components and the design of the bodywork. The end result is in itself a tribute to the Italian coffee industry and above all, to that of traditional lever machines.

Six levers for coffee extraction and six dispensing groups, four steam wands and two for dispensing hot water, a dual sided work area for two baristas, one single machine. These are the figures behind the new V6, the latest lever machine by La San Marco, a historic Italian company located in Gradisca d’Isonzo (Gorizia). Since 1920, it has manufactured some of the best known espresso coffee machines and professional equipment in the world.

V6 represents a true revolution for the world of Italian espresso coffee

ts V shaped structure (hence the name) forms a double sided machine which shakes up the idea of a contemporary café and places the work of the barista, or in this case baristas, center stage. “ With V6 we want to go one step further, towards the future of coffee machines, not just in terms of technology, design, and safety, but also from the point of view of a genuine consumer experience” states Roberto Nocera, CEO of La San Marco “ V6 puts the art of coffee making back in the spotlight and is an invitation to rediscover the café as a place in which to socialize, meet with friends and exchange ideas.”

The extraordinary, one of a kind design is inspired by the lines of the motorsports world in the 1960s and 70s, designed by the prestigious Bonetto Design. “ Our work concentrates on combining the concepts of elegance, purity, and precision with mechanical and automotive tradition.” tells Marco Bonetto “ The lines are sculpted and dominant, but at the same time, they maintain a certain lightness thanks to the various transparent windows, in a perfect balance of weight”. Sculpted yet sturdy, V6 conveys all the power of its pulsing motor. The hydroformed steel bodywork with painted finish and tempered glass highlights the depth of the technical expertise of La San Marco in working materials and focuses on the sophistication of the components and meticulous precision of the inner workings.

The model is available in the six group version with three different finishes: pearl white Classic, black lava Avantgarde, and Trieste pale blue Elegance. The boiler comes in two different versions, with a choice of mirror finish stainless steel or gold plated copper while the hydraulic components are made of polished brass and copper. On a technological level, V6 has an exclusive LEVA CLASS® (Controlled Lever Anti Shock System) patent and PID system to control and electronically adjust the water temperature in the boiler

With V6, La San Marco once again confirms its position as a leading innovator in the professional coffee machine industry and especially, the world of traditional lever machines. It has presented the world of coffee with a true gem, the result of a prestigious made in Italy manufacturing tradition, dating back almost a century

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Gruppo Cimbali

Cimbali Group provides the widest range of solutions for the HORECA (hotels and catering) sector, including traditional and super coffee machines, grinders / dispensers, and accessories, guaranteed reliability, top performance ratings, user-friendliness, designer appeal and top quality coffee in the cup.
The Group includes LaCimbali, Faema, Casadio and Hemerson brands. These are well-established brands (LaCimbali and Faema were founded in 1912 and 1945, respectively).
The Group’s turnover in 2017 came to more than 180 million euros, 80% of turnover generated, with a total volume of around 48,000 units.

Cimbali Group also has 10 operational branches: Milan and Rome in Italy, while abroad in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the USA and China, and a representation office in Singapore. Of the Group’s 800 employees, 65% are employed in Italy and the remaining 35% abroad.
Cimbali Group is based in Binasco, near Milan. Its operations are conducted in three production facilities in Italy, one in Ghisalba (in the province of Bergamo) and another in the Cantone Chapel (in the province of Cremona). The facilities produces on average over 220 coffee machines per day.The Group takes special pride in the MUMAC – Museum of Espresso Coffee Machines. Inaugurated in 2012 to celebrate the contribution of the company to the sector, and to recounting, MUMAC is a unique initiative (the largest exhibition of express coffee machines in the world) a century of history, of technology, of design and of the Italian way, All this and more!

The focus on innovation is also reflected in the 55 currently valid patents, 15 of which have been filed in the last 3 years.

In 2017/2018, Cimbali Group introduced:

  • The LaCimbali S20, a super-automatic machine with a revolutionary 10.4 ”touchscreen display providing innovative man-machine interaction and an integrated dual-direction WIFI system
  • The Faema E71E, a traditional machine designed by Giugiaro Design with innovative technological features, a set of time designed to satisfy the international community of baristas and coffee specialists.
  • The LaCimbali Elective: the new LaCimbali Elective is a high-end professional coffee grinder-doser. An extraordinary combination of iconic design, innovative technology and traditional functions, in order to provide constant quality in grinding at any time.

Optimal management of the entire extraction process.

Intuitive and ergonomic interaction with the machine that simplifies the barista’s work. Maximum customization, both in terms of settings, enabling perfect extraction, and of accessories.

These are the main advantages for coffee specialists offered by Faema E71E.

Thanks to its newly-designed independent groups, the machine can manage different coffee varieties while respecting the specific temperatures that they each of them require. Additionally, the hydraulic circuit with a patented control system guarantees perfect management of coffee infusion times:

The new, redesigned handles in the optional wooden version are designed to offer maximum ergonomics and comfort.

The new, redesigned handles in the optional wooden version are designed to offer maximum ergonomics and comfort.

Finally, Faema’s new model offers numerous customization possibilities thanks to its wide range of accessories (rear panel, new group heads, steam tap covers and filter knobs) that will make the new E71E unique.

The LaCimbali S20 is the new super-automatic by LaCimbali, at Gruppo Cimbali brand.

LaCimbali S20 enhances the LaCimbali super-automatic range with a perfect solution for locations that produces around 200 cups a day. Thanks to its built-in soluble hot chocolate system, you can also offer a wide and varied menu always with the highest quality.

The new S20 is a perfect tool for your daily work. Thanks to the innovative technical solutions that have always made LaCimbali machines cutting-edge products, making coffee and milk-based beverages will be simple and intuitive every day.

The S20’s 7-inch touchscreen display allows for different options on the drinks menu (pre-selection and Group Mode) and to customize images displayed by the machine. You can help customers with video clips and animations, all in a very simple way.

Thanks to the integrated bidirectional Wi-Fi System you can remotely communicate with the S20. Thios machine can be configured in Power Station Mode for use with one fridge thus optimizing the work space.

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Torrefazione Pagnini: quality, flexibility, promptness and great attention to its clients

Torrefazione Pagnini is a coffee roaster and was founded in Monsummano Terme, in the province of Pistoia, in 1974. The founder, Cesare Pagnini, had over ten years’ experience in the world of coffee: he first started working in the industry as a representative, then as an associate in a local coffee roasting company. At that time, before the arrival of supermarkets with the consequently highly competitive market, selling to bars, wholesalers and groceries was enough to flourish. However, later on, it became essential to have more clients and it became necessary starting to sell to other coffee roasters that would work their coffee with third parties.

Velvety, the good side of coffee

In the 80’s Mr Pagnini had the idea of creating a new variety of decaf coffee that was supposed to replace the traditional Hag teabag. He came up with a teabag containing 8.5 gr of coffee while the Hag teabag had only 5.5/6 gr of it. He chose a sweet, charming name for it: Velvety. At the beginning the company used the same Hag teabag in polythene paper, but soon after Mr Pagnini purchased some special machinery that was able to seal teabags in modified atmosphere (using nitrogen) in order to preserve the freshness of the coffee, the fragrance of the aroma and the quality of the flavour. That was a big step forward. The taste of Velvety was so much different from the other decafs to such an extent that it was often mistaken for real coffee, without having the negative effects that caffeine could have on someone. In the wake of a certain bad publicity that doctors in particular did to coffee and to its collateral damage, some roasting companies, including Pagnini, had the idea of creating an alternative product that could be drunk at any time of the day and at any age: a hot drink made from barley, the famous “caffè d’orzo”. It was a great success. At the beginning only few companies used to produce it and the orders were huge. Then, as usual, the enthusiasm slowed down despite the fact that “caffè d’orzo” is a natural drink that doesn’t require any kind of processing.

Coffee for generations

Currently Torrefazione Pagnini is a third generation family business, which deals with some special processing of coffee, barley and decaf, using precious internal and external partners. Their clients are represented by other roasting companies or wholesale traders. With the introduction of the single-served coffee container (pods and capsules), the company upgraded its facilities to the packaging of ESE pods and Espresso Point capsules, being thus able to offer its clients any kind of flavour or combination: coffee, decaf, “orzo”, flavoured “orzo”, herbal tea and other instant drinks.

A wide range of products

Torrefazione Pagnini has established strong relationships with its partners through its brands “Pagnini Caffè”, “Filtrorzo”, “Vellutato decaffeinato”, “Caffè Zazzeri… l’ottimo caffè”. The peculiar characteristic of Pagnini is that on the one hand it can supply medium and large companies; on the other hand it stands out for its flexibility that allows the roaster to accept orders for small quantities even under the client’s own brand: the company is really able to satisfy everybody’s needs, from those clients who require multiple pallets to those who require just a single box. Pagnini is also able to customize the product in any possible way.  Last but not least, the company also works on behalf of third parties, with the same care and attention that it gives to its products. Pagnini sells and processes organic coffee, decaf coffee and barley on behalf of third parties.  Naturally – and the use of this word is not random – organic products couldn’t be missing from a company that has focused its mission on quality.

Quality, know-how and flexibility

The profile that comes out from what it’s been said so far is that of a strong, experienced and innovative company, but also flexible, able to respond quickly to the widest range of its clients’ needs and capable to take good care of the production of its clients. In a world where everyone tries to push its own brand and vision, it’s great to find a company that is able to offer such a flexible service, being focused only on the clients’ needs. If we were in the USA, the slogan could be: “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you”, but we’re in Italy and there’s no slogan, just the awareness that someone takes care of someone else. For real. Not only in words.

Torrefazione Pagnini: qualità, duttilità, velocità, oltre all’attenta cura dei prodotti altrui

La Torrefazione Pagnini nasce nel ’74, a Monsummano Terme, in provincia di Pistoia. Cesare Pagnini, il fondatore, veniva da un’esperienza decennale nel campo del caffè, dapprima come rappresentante, quindi come socio in una torrefazione locale. All’epoca, prima dell’avvento dei supermarket e di un mercato estremamente aggressivo, per prosperare era sufficiente vendere a bar, grossisti, piccole botteghe. Successivamente si è però reso necessario mutare in grossa parte la clientela virando, ad esempio, verso altre torrefazioni che davano da lavorare il proprio caffè a terzisti.

Vellutato, solo il buono del caffè
Negli anni ‘80 a Pagnini è venuta l’idea di un nuovo tipo di decaffeinato – una dose alta, di alta qualità – che sostituisse la classica bustina di Hag. Parliamo di 8,5 gr contro i 5,5-6 gr della prima. Il nome è dolce, accattivante: Vellutato. E se da principio veniva usata più o meno la stessa bustina dell’Hag, nella carta politenata, in seguito si è proceduto all’acquisto dei macchinari per produrre la bustina sigillata in atmosfera modificata – ossia l’azoto – così da mantenere inalterate la freschezza e la fragranza dell’aroma, oltre alla massima qualità del gusto. Davvero un notevole cambio di passo.

Il Vellutato si distingueva nettamente dagli altri decaffeinati, tanto che spesso veniva scambiato per un piacevolissimo caffè con tutti i crismi che però non produceva gli effetti nocivi (per alcuni) della caffeina. Tant’è che sulla scia di una certa cattiva pubblicità che soprattutto i medici portavano avanti contro il caffè e i suoi eventuali danni collaterali, sorse in alcuni torrefattori, tra cui Pagnini, l’idea di una bevanda alternativa che potesse essere consumata a qualsiasi ora del giorno e a tutte le età: l’orzo. Fu un vero e proprio boom. Erano in pochi a farlo, e gli ordini si assommavano sempre di più. Poi, come spesso accade, il boom ha subìto una flessione, nonostante il caffè d’orzo rimanga una bevanda naturalissima che non prevede nessun tipo di lavorazione e che nell’attuale tendenza alla sempre maggiore naturalità dei prodotti dovrebbe regnare incontrastato.

Caffè da generazioni

Attualmente la torrefazione Pagnini è un’azienda a conduzione familiare, di terza generazione, che si occupa di lavorazioni particolari di caffè, orzo e decaffeinato, avvalendosi di preziosi collaboratori interni ed esterni. La clientela è rappresentata da altre torrefazioni o commercianti all’ingrosso di caffè e affini.
Con l’avvento del monoporzionato (cialde e capsule), l’azienda ha adeguato i propri impianti al confezionamento di cialde modello ESE e Capsule Modello Espresso Point rendendosi in grado di offrire ai propri clienti qualunque genere di gusto o combinazione: caffè, decaffeinato, orzo, orzo aromatizzato, tisane e solubili.
Una vasta gamma di prodotti La Torrefazione Pagnini, attraverso i suoi marchi – “Pagnini Caffè”, “Filtrorzo”, “Vellutato decaffeinato”, “Caffè Zazzeri…l’ottimo caffè”, ha creato una solida collaborazione con i propri partner. Ma i marchi registrati dell’azienda sono solo una delle tante possibilità.
La peculiarità della torrefazione Pagnini, infatti, è che pur potendo rifornire medio-grandi imprese si distingue per la duttilità con cui è capace di accettare ordini per piccole quantità anche col brand del cliente: è infatti in grado di soddisfare tutti, da coloro che richiedono più bancali fino a chi richiede un singolo cartone, e di personalizzare il prodotto in qualsiasi modo.
Inoltre, last but not least, la Torrefazione Pagnini lavora anche i prodotti altrui, in conto terzi, prendendosene cura come dei propri. Tra questi attua la vendita e la lavorazione in conto terzi per caffè, decaffeinato e orzo biologici.§
Naturalmente – e il particolare avverbio di modo non è a caso come poteva mancare il biologico in un’azienda che ha fatto della qualità, che in un’accezione ampia ricomprende anche la naturalità, una bandiera?

Qualità, esperienza e versatilità

Il profilo che emerge da quanto abbiamo esposto è di un’impresa solida, esperta, innovativa, ma al contempo anche molto snella, in grado di rispondere velocemente alle più svariate esigenze e di prendersi realmente cura della produzione dei propri clienti, perché essa ha fatto delle difficoltà e dei difetti di altri le proprie virtù.
In un mondo in cui ognuno cerca di affermare se stesso, il proprio marchio, la propria vision, è bello incontrare chi offre un servizio così duttile, mirato esclusivamente sulle esigenze del cliente.
Se fossimo negli USA, lo slogan potrebbe essere, “Dont’ worry, we’ll take care of you”, ma siamo in Italia, e allora niente slogan, solo la coscienza che c’è qualcuno che pensa a qualcun altro. Davvero. Non solo a parole.