Eggly: l’incontro tra la pasticceria e l’arte a milano

A Milano, in piazza Wagner, 13, a pochi passi dal nuovo quartiere CityLife, le vetrine dell’Antico Prestino Cattaneo, storica Panetteria e Pasticceria, attraggono l’attenzione di grandi e piccini.

Il motivo sono i biscotti artistici Eggly, personalizzati, interamente di pasta frolla, realizzati e dipinti a mano, il marchio è stato registrato il 6 febbraio 2018.  Eggly è il logo delle creazioni, ed è un simpatico ovetto giallo con il pennello e la tavolozza. L’uovo è uno degli ingredienti della pasta frolla. Monica Cattaneo, la Designer pasticciera, ha creato il personaggio dell’ovetto Eggly e spiega che “ogni biscotto nasce da un progetto, da un disegno fatto a mano e tutte le fasi della creazione sono handmade. Ogni pezzo è unico”. Le decorazioni e il gusto estetico danno un tocco personale alle sue creazioni.

Su richiesta del cliente vengono anche creati e realizzati personaggi e soggetti come: l’informatico, il calciatore, la ballerina, il dottore, il laureato, i pupazzi dei cartoni animati, il gattino, la motocicletta, la macchina. Originale anche la creazione di una serie di cantanti famosi. Oltre ai biscotti Eggly, la pasticceria realizza anche le torte personalizzate.  

I biscotti Eggly sono molto buoni e sono adatti per tutte le occasioni . Perfetti per la colazione del mattino, per la merenda del pomeriggio, come dessert di fine pasto, come dolcetto per il caffè, come regalo da portare agli amici, per le festività, le feste di compleanno, le feste di laurea. Possono anche essere originali bomboniere.

La dimensione dei biscotti è assolutamente variabile a partire da quelli piccoli classici a quelli di grandi dimensioni (50 cm di altezza circa). L’ultima produzione è un biscotto con i personaggi dei cartoni animati lungo novanta centimetri e pesa tre chili.

Inoltre con amore e passione, da più di 50 anni, l’Antico Prestino Cattaneo sforna pane classico, con o senza lievito, con differenti cereali nell’impasto, con l’aggiunta di altri componenti all’impasto base: gli ingredienti possono cambiare, ma quel che resta costante è la bontà e l’altissima qualità delle materie prime.

Tutta la produzione è fatta a mano quotidianamente. Durante tutta la giornata è possibile trovare sfilatini, ciabatte, panini, le immancabili michette, ma anche focacce, pizzette, rustici e soprattutto i dolci della pasticceria.


Dr. Schär Foodservice your all-around partner for gluten free solutions for HoReCa

Whether it be a family weekend away in a hotel, a romantic evening in a restaurant or simply a dinner with friends, there is one important aspect not to be neglected: a delicious meal. However, for a growing number of people, it is difficult to find an adequate selection of meals at the breakfast table, during lunch service, or on a dinner menu. This is a particular dilemma for individuals who suffer from coeliac disease and other gluten-related conditions. As a result of these conditions, bread, cereals, pastries and pasta are often off-limits when eating out. As the European leader* in gluten free food, we have dedicated our Dr. Schär Foodservice to HoReCa. We can now offer you a comprehensive range of innovative gluten free solutions for customers who follow a gluten free diet.

From breakfast through to supper, we have solutions for all your food business needs Recognising that a good start to the day begins with a hearty and filling breakfast, we offer a convenient Breakfast Box with six tasty products. This features our Fruit Muesli, “Crackers Pocket”, “Fette Croccanti” toasts, “Petit” buttery biscuits, “Nocciolì” wafer biscuits and “Pausa Ciok” (a sponge cake with milk-cream filling and chocolate coating). In addition to our convenient Breakfast Box, we also offer handy single portion sizes of Corn Flakes, Muffins “Choco” and Mag dalena sponge cakes with apricot jam. An elegant wooden display stand and baskets are available for you to help display these tasty foods at your breakfast buffet.

Dr. Schär Foodservice also offers tasty solutions for snacks, lunch, and dinner. We have our 1kg Ho ReCa pack of Penne or Fusilli pasta to create delicious, Italian inspired dishes. Our sliced White Bread / Pane Bianco comes in convenient one-portion packs and we offer a range of products in handy single size portions, wrapped in oven – proof paper, to guarantee a riskfree cross contamination cooking process even when cooked beside food containing gluten. Consumers love our gluten free frozen options such as Ciabatta, Ciabatta Rustica or our soft Hamburger Roll. Dr. Schär Foodservice can also recommend a ham and cheese Focaccia; frozen and ready to crisp up, as well as our delicious “Crème Noisette” croissants.

Hotels, restaurants and other outlets will now be able to offer everyone who follows a gluten free diet the pleasure of breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between for guests, suffering from gluten related disorders as for example coeliac disease. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition that affects up to 1 in 100 people in Europe. As improvements are made to healthcare practices, diagnosis rate continues to increase. Following diagnosis, it is important to follow a strict non gluten containing diet. Dr. Schär Foodservice makes this easy with our range of tasty products, innovative serving solutions, and professional support.

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Not just drinks, barmen choose quality

“The people of the night have weird jobs…” said a famous Italian song from the ‘90s, depicting the peculiar nightlife in Milan at that time. In this context, Carlo Morandi, barman of the Milanese scene, takes his first steps behind the counters of the most important clubs in Milan, such as Hollywood, Blues House, Propaganda, Heaven and Sunset Garden. He began doing this job in the late ‘80s and never stopped.

“HORECA INTERNATIONAL” couldn’t find a better interlocutor to discuss about what is the best formula to make and serve a good cocktail to a sophisticated clientele who is used to hanging out in famous and exclusive nightclubs, in a city where the competition and the offer in terms of nightlife is extremely fierce.

“Choosing the best ingredients is essential says Carlo for instance, if you mix a good gin or a good vodka together with a good tonic water, and you get the doses right and the alchemy right, be sure that the 90% of your drinks will be excellent. However, cocktail presentation shouldn’t be overlooked quality is important here too therefore decorations and glasses are all elements that a good barman can’t ignore. For this reason, in the clubs where I have worked, whenever it was possible,

I have personally selected the suppliers of spirits and soft drinks, and the suppliers of primary ingredients, such as fresh fruit, for great nonalcoholic cocktails as well as the suppliers of everything might be needed behind a counter, from the glasses to kitchen tools, from the beers to coffee. You can’t just take on the role of barman, nor can you take on the role of nightclub manager. If you want to offer a high quality service you need to stay up to date, go to trade events and check out trade magazines, which are of great help for any professional in this field”.

The art of truffles in Norcia

The Moscatelli family company in Norcia and Serravalle di Norcia has ancient origins. Over 150 years ago, great great grandfather Marco Moscatelli built the characterist deli catesant (in 1850). The stone walls are still standing today and the shop has been run by several generations of the Moscatelli family.

The history begin with Marco Moscatelli, a pork butcher who opened the delicatesant (in Italian “Pizzicheria and Norcineria”) which is now renown epicure.

Originally called “La Posta”, a place where carters stopped to eat and rest their animals. If you visit the shop, you will see on display a manuscript letter which dates back to 1861. Marco complained to a correspondent that an expected delivery had not arrived.

The letter demonstrates the company’s commercial activity had been operating since that date.

After Marco, his son Benedetto continued and it was then passed on to his son and grandson Romeo, the current owner. He continues the family tradition of processing of pork into fine foods salami and cured meats.

In 1969 Romeo transformed the business from “La Posta” to a hotel and restaurant, where for twenty years traditional dishes of local black truffles of Norcia were served. Cured meats were sold in a small artisanal workshop, which is still used today.

The Moscatelli family maintains centuries old tradition and passion for its produce. The Moscatelli Tartufi Norcia brand was born in 1990 and depicts the family crest, two lions prancing on an olive tree. The experience of past generations will ensure the future of generations to come.

Currently, Moscatelli Tartufi is active in collecting and processing local precious truffles, carefully preserved in the truffle laboratory, following the traditional method.

Also on the premises pecorino cheese are matured for up to 18 months, to guarantee the quality of project smaller, rather than greater quantities are produced.

The traditional processing offers customer fresh and preserved truffles, excellent pork, cold cuts, and wildboar, cheeses in wooden casks, matured in natural cellars, respecting normal ripening times

It is all done with passion for good food, as well as keeping centuries old family tradition alive, to offer the highest quality product.

We look forward to your visit, where you can rediscover the taste of simple but authentic flavors, to please any discerning gastronome.

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PASCAL srl – Eng

The new UHT liquid mixture is a real ice cream innovation.

Easy. Quick. Top quality.

PASCAL srl is a company based in Trofarello, in the province of Turin, operating in the dairy industry. It has recently introduced a new dairy product that was developed by a renowned operator of milk processing, Mr Osvaldo Branciaroli, who has put his long experience at the service of this project. The Branciaroli family has been operating in the milk processing industry for three generations and Osvaldo Branciaroli’s experience has been consolidated at Pascal, where he played a central role in the recruitment of new partners and in the acquisition of a specific know-how for the management and development of the company.

This entrepreneurial project has two main goals: on the one hand, it is aimed at the production of whipping and cooking UHT cream that is produced with a special process, patented by Pascal, in which no additives, emulsifiers or thickeners have to be added to the final product; on the other hand, it wants to create an innovative product for the production of an authentic Italian gelato – the aseptic liquid mixture.

The so-called “La Ricetta del Gelato di Pa’” (meaning: dad’s ice cream recipe) is a ready-to-use mixture that can be instantly transformed into ice cream and that preserves the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials, being completely aseptic. It is available in many flavours: fior di panna (with fresh cream), chocolate, hazelnut, coffee, vanilla, strawberry and lemon. These last two flavours do not contain any animal products and are suitable for vegans.

Moreover, all the ingredients contained in the mixture comply with the HALAL certification requirements.

  1. Main features:

MADE IN ITALY – since all the ingredients (milk, cream, sugar, fruit, hazelnuts, etc.) contained in the mixture are of Italian origin and since the whole production process takes place in Italy, according to the Italian tradition, the ice cream deriving from this mixture can boast the wording “Made in Italy” anywhere in the world.

EASY TRANSPORT AND STORAGE – UHT products have a shelf life of 12 months from the production date and can be stored at room temperature, without requiring cold store, neither during transport nor during storage.

EASY PROCESSING – all UHT products produced by Pascal are very easy to prepare: in particular, the mixture requires just a few minutes of blending and creaming, which makes you save time, energy and workload during the preparation process.

  1. Raw materials:

The high quality of Pascal products is guaranteed by the use of first-choice raw materials, whose supply is based on the local short chain. Milk and cream come from Piedmont only and are produced a few miles away from the Pascal factory.

This choice allows the product to be processed just a few hours after its arrival at the Pascal facilities, thus ensuring high quality standards, preserving the freshness and the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials, and providing traceability up to the cowshed where the milk was taken.

All the other ingredients contained in the mixture are carefully selected according to strict criteria of excellence and they all contribute to define its specific taste: Italian hazelnuts, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, pure dark chocolate and cocoa powder.

  1. The HORECA sector:

“La Ricetta del Gelato di Pa’” is particularly suitable for the HORECA sector, because the use of an aseptic, ready-to-use mixture can be processed by any operator, even the most inexperienced ones.

In addition to the flavoured UHT blends, “La Ricetta del Gelato di Pà” is also available as a pure white cream base. This product has been specially developed for the operators in the ice cream sector. The base is already balanced and ready to be transformed into any flavour, whether cream or fruit – it only needs the addition of extra ingredients, and the creativity of the ice cream maker. Since the preparation takes a few minutes, you can always serve a fresh product, avoiding wastage.  

  1. The production process:

This innovative production process, covered by patent, starts with a delicate mixing phase of the raw materials and follows with the UHT sterilization through a steam infusion system, whose innovative component is determined by the skilful calibration of processing time, temperature and pressure. Each element of the process, from the machinery to the settings, from the organoleptic characteristics and origin of the raw materials to the packaging – each element guarantees the technological characteristics of the product, its perfect sterilization and consequent long preservation, meeting the contemporary market needs in terms of shelf-life and freshness of the product.


Torrefazione Pagnini: quality, flexibility, promptness and great attention to its clients

Torrefazione Pagnini is a coffee roaster and was founded in Monsummano Terme, in the province of Pistoia, in 1974. The founder, Cesare Pagnini, had over ten years’ experience in the world of coffee: he first started working in the industry as a representative, then as an associate in a local coffee roasting company. At that time, before the arrival of supermarkets with the consequently highly competitive market, selling to bars, wholesalers and groceries was enough to flourish. However, later on, it became essential to have more clients and it became necessary starting to sell to other coffee roasters that would work their coffee with third parties.

Velvety, the good side of coffee

In the 80’s Mr Pagnini had the idea of creating a new variety of decaf coffee that was supposed to replace the traditional Hag teabag. He came up with a teabag containing 8.5 gr of coffee while the Hag teabag had only 5.5/6 gr of it. He chose a sweet, charming name for it: Velvety. At the beginning the company used the same Hag teabag in polythene paper, but soon after Mr Pagnini purchased some special machinery that was able to seal teabags in modified atmosphere (using nitrogen) in order to preserve the freshness of the coffee, the fragrance of the aroma and the quality of the flavour. That was a big step forward. The taste of Velvety was so much different from the other decafs to such an extent that it was often mistaken for real coffee, without having the negative effects that caffeine could have on someone. In the wake of a certain bad publicity that doctors in particular did to coffee and to its collateral damage, some roasting companies, including Pagnini, had the idea of creating an alternative product that could be drunk at any time of the day and at any age: a hot drink made from barley, the famous “caffè d’orzo”. It was a great success. At the beginning only few companies used to produce it and the orders were huge. Then, as usual, the enthusiasm slowed down despite the fact that “caffè d’orzo” is a natural drink that doesn’t require any kind of processing.

Coffee for generations

Currently Torrefazione Pagnini is a third generation family business, which deals with some special processing of coffee, barley and decaf, using precious internal and external partners. Their clients are represented by other roasting companies or wholesale traders. With the introduction of the single-served coffee container (pods and capsules), the company upgraded its facilities to the packaging of ESE pods and Espresso Point capsules, being thus able to offer its clients any kind of flavour or combination: coffee, decaf, “orzo”, flavoured “orzo”, herbal tea and other instant drinks.

A wide range of products

Torrefazione Pagnini has established strong relationships with its partners through its brands “Pagnini Caffè”, “Filtrorzo”, “Vellutato decaffeinato”, “Caffè Zazzeri… l’ottimo caffè”. The peculiar characteristic of Pagnini is that on the one hand it can supply medium and large companies; on the other hand it stands out for its flexibility that allows the roaster to accept orders for small quantities even under the client’s own brand: the company is really able to satisfy everybody’s needs, from those clients who require multiple pallets to those who require just a single box. Pagnini is also able to customize the product in any possible way.  Last but not least, the company also works on behalf of third parties, with the same care and attention that it gives to its products. Pagnini sells and processes organic coffee, decaf coffee and barley on behalf of third parties.  Naturally – and the use of this word is not random – organic products couldn’t be missing from a company that has focused its mission on quality.

Quality, know-how and flexibility

The profile that comes out from what it’s been said so far is that of a strong, experienced and innovative company, but also flexible, able to respond quickly to the widest range of its clients’ needs and capable to take good care of the production of its clients. In a world where everyone tries to push its own brand and vision, it’s great to find a company that is able to offer such a flexible service, being focused only on the clients’ needs. If we were in the USA, the slogan could be: “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you”, but we’re in Italy and there’s no slogan, just the awareness that someone takes care of someone else. For real. Not only in words.

PASCAL srl – Ita

La miscela liquida UHT pronta da mantecare che innova il Gelato Italiano.

Semplice. Veloce. Di qualità.

L’iniziativa promossa da PASCAL srl nel settore della filiera del latte, e operativa in Provincia di Torino nel Comune di Trofarello, pone le proprie basi sul coinvolgimento di un noto operatore della trasformazione del latte, Osvaldo Branciaroli, che ha messo a disposizione del progetto la propria solida esperienza. La famiglia Branciaroli, infatti, è operativa nel settore della trasformazione del latte da ben tre generazioni e l’esperienza di Osvaldo Branciaroli si è completata in Pascal, con la partecipazione di nuovi soci e l’acquisizione di know-how specifici alla gestione e allo sviluppo dell’azienda.

L’iniziativa imprenditoriale è finalizzata alla produzione della panna UHT da montare e da cucina, prodotta con un processo coperto da brevetto grazie al quale non necessita di alcun additivo emulsionante e addensante, e alla produzione di un prodotto innovativo: le miscele liquide asettiche per la produzione di un gelato che rispetta la vera tradizione italiana.

La Ricetta del Gelato di Pa’ è una miscela pronta che consente di essere trasformata istantaneamente in gelato e che, completamente asettica, preserva le caratteristiche organolettiche degli ingredienti. La Ricetta del Gelato di Pa’ contiene infatti tutti gli ingredienti che caratterizzano i vari gusti nei quali è disponibile, le creme: fior di panna, cioccolato, nocciola, caffè, vaniglia e la frutta: fragola e limone, questi ultimi totalmente privi di componenti di origine animale e, dunque, adatti anche al pubblico vegano.

Inoltre, tra gli ingredienti della miscela gelato non ci sono componenti che contravvengono la certificazione HALAL.

  1. Le componenti di servizio:
  • MADE IN ITALY – la base gelato può fregiarsi della dizione Made in Italy, ovunque nel mondo venga trasformata in gelato, in quanto i principali ingredienti (latte, panna, zuccheri, frutta, nocciole, ecc.) sono di origine italiana e tutto il processo produttivo ha luogo in Italia, nel rispetto della tradizione gelatiera italiana.
  • SEMPLICITA’ DI TRASPORTO E CONSERVAZIONE – i prodotti UHT hanno una durata fino a 12 mesi dal momento della produzione e sono conservabili a temperatura ambiente, il che non richiede l’uso di celle frigo, né durante le fasi di trasporto né per lo stoccaggio, fattore che determina l’eliminazione di consumo di volumi refrigerati nelle cucine dei ristoranti.
  • SEMPLICITA’ DI LAVORAZIONE – tutti i prodotti UHT Pascal si caratterizzano per la semplicità di preparazione: in particolare la miscela gelato richiede la sola operazione di mantecazione, che avviene in pochi minuti determinando un notevole risparmio di tempo, energia e lavoro nei processi di preparazione.

  1. Le materie prime:

L’elevata qualità dei prodotti è assicurata inoltre dalle materie prime di eccellenza, la cui fornitura è organizzata su una catena degli approvvigionamenti basata sulla filiera corta. Latte e panna sono, infatti, esclusivamente di origine piemontese, prodotti a pochi chilometri dallo stabilimento Pascal.

Questa decisione aziendale consente di lavorare il prodotto poche ore dopo il ricevimento della materia prima, garantendo in tal modo standard di qualità, freschezza e caratteristiche organolettiche impareggiabili e assicurando la tracciabilità fino alla stalla che ha fornito il latte.

Gli ulteriori ingredienti che compongono la miscela e che ne definiscono lo specifico gusto sono accuratamente selezionati secondo un coerente criterio di assoluta qualità: Nocciole italiane, vaniglia Bourbon del Madagascar, vero cioccolato fondente e cacao in polvere.

  1. Il settore HORECA:

La Ricetta del Gelato di Pa’ è particolarmente adatta all’utilizzo nel settore HORECA, proprio in ragione dei molteplici vantaggi offerti dall’utilizzo di una miscela sterile già pronta all’uso da qualsiasi operatore anche inesperto.

Oltre alle miscele UHT aromatizzate, La Ricetta del Gelato di Pà è disponibile come anche base bianca per creme e frutta. Le basi sono pensate espressamente per gli operatori del settore. Già perfettamente equilibrata per la preparazione delle creme e della frutta, necessita solo dell’aggiunta degli ingredienti utili alla creazione dei gusti decisi dal professionista, consentendo al cuoco e al gelataio di esprimere al meglio la propria creatività. Poiché la preparazione richiede pochi minuti, si può servire un prodotto sempre fresco e adeguato alle reali esigenze di sala, evitando sprechi.

  1. Il processo produttivo:

L’innovativo processo produttivo coperto da brevetto consente, a partire da una delicata fase di miscelazione delle materie prime, la sterilizzazione UHT tramite un impianto ad infusione di vapore, la cui componente innovativa è determinata dalla sapiente calibrazione dei tempi, delle temperature e delle pressioni di lavorazione. Ciascun elemento del processo, dalla tipologia di macchinari al range di settaggi, dalle caratteristiche organolettiche e di provenienza della materia prima alla definizione dei formati e del packaging, garantisce le caratteristiche tecnologiche del prodotto, la perfetta sterilizzazione e la conseguente prolungata conservazione che risponde alle crescenti esigenze di mercato in tema di conservazione e di genuinità del prodotto.


Orma srl – Eng

Orma srl was established in 2008 from an intuiti on of Cassibba’s and Vindigni’s families. It distinguishes itself since the first time among the other companies, especially for its professionalism and timeliness in production and distribution of semi-finished products for pastry.

Thanks to a great customer loyalty technique and a better set-up, the company has had a continual increasing of clientele. This fast growing process pushes the new management to move the company in a new and bigger establishment, in C.da Serrauccelli (Modica).

Cutting-edge equipment and high throughput give us a higher variety of products with the best quality in order to satisfy our customers.

Due to the fruitful work of the senior management, Orma has seen a significant growth in volumes. This has all been possible thanks to more of 30 employees devoted to the production of high standards products. The best quality raw material and the new automated system allow us to adopt competitive market prices and to fulfill big orders, from retail industry too.

Enthusiasm, professionalism and a thirty-year knowledge in pastries production of Cassibba’s family combined with the recognised expertise in the management and financial field of the Vindigni’s family. This joint venture is the perfect combination that allows Orma to enter the global market as a solidly built company that can compete with the bigger competitors and face all new challenges.

For more info:

Instagram profile

Sigep 2019: Pad B5 Stand 004.

Orma Srl – Ita

Orma Srl nasce nel 2008 da una fortunata intuizione delle famiglie Cassibba e Vindigni e da subito si distingue, per la professionalità e per la puntualità nella produzione e nella distribuzione dei semi-lavorati per pasticceria sia di pasta frolla sia di sfoglia nonché di varie tipologie di biscotti. Grazie ad una accorta politica commerciale unitamente ad una efficiente struttura organizzativa, negli ultimi anni, si è conseguito un costante incremento del numero della clientela che ha indotto, nel 2016, il vertice aziendale a dotarsi di maggiori spazi, trasferendo la sede legale e quella operativa all’interno di ampi locali industriali in Contrada Serrauccelli in Modica.

A conferma della vincente scelta strategica, la società ha chiuso il 2018 conseguendo  volumi di crescita significativi. Tutto ciò è stato possibile grazie anche  all’impegno di oltre 30 dipendenti che quotidianamente, con dedizione e professionalità, preparano i vari prodotti attraverso l’utilizzo di materie esclusivamente di primissima qualità quanto allo sfruttamento delle capacità produttive derivanti dai nuovi impianti automatizzati, che consentono di applicare prezzi di mercato competitivi senza rinunciare alla qualità ed alla capacità  di evadere importanti ordinativi provenienti dalla grande distribuzione.

L’entusiasmo, la professionalità e la cultura aziendale acquisita in oltre trent’anni dalla famiglia Cassibba, uniti oggi alle doti ed alle competenze manageriali della famiglia Vindigni, consentono alla Orma srl di porsi nel mercato di riferimento come una realtà robusta e consolidata, dotata dei mezzi necessari per affrontare ogni genere di sfide imposte da un mercato globale sempre più concorrenziale.

Nell’augurio di poterVi annoverare tra la nostra clientela nel corso dei prossimi mesi, Vi aspettiamo al Sigep 2019, Padiglione B5 Stand 004.

Intervista al prof. Andrea Casadio, Allergenio

AllerGenio è il primo motore di ricerca per gli allergeni, realizzato per i ristoratori che vogliono soddisfare le esigenze di chi presenta intolleranze e allergie alimentari.llerGenio è la soluzione professionale che ti permette di offrire ai tuoi clienti una tutela della loro salute, il rispetto della loro privacy e di assolvere completamente al reg. UE 1169.