ORVED “Excellence, innovation and customer care are the cornerstones of our company’s philosophy”

At Orved we believe innovation serves not only an idea but is the perfect combination of three key elements: our knowledge, determination to reach our goals and our drive towards success.

For this reason, Orved has been innovating the world for over 30 years by creating the best products dedicated to the vacuum packing and sous-vide cooking, our true passion

Since 1984 we have conceived, designed and developed vacuum food-packing machines and also in ATM, thermos sealing machines, bags, accessories, and Sous Vide cooking solutions.

We can proudly state today that we offer excellence in the world of vacuum techniques, in food preserving and cooking, innovation, in expertise, guidance, and education. All Orved’s products are Made in Italy.

For over 30 years we have been manufacturing vacuum food-packing machines which are designed to match the ever increasing market needs, in both homes and professional kitchens. That is why our line is composed of more than 40 different models.

We offer technologically advanced quality products, with time and cost-saving breakthrough ideas which guarantee the utmost in performance.

For more than 10 years we have produced our own collection of Vacuum Bags, ideal for long-time preserving and storing, keeping the natural hygiene and freshness in the products, as well as being a distinct guarantee of excellent quality performances.

Our Cooking Vacuum Bags have been specifically designed to achieve outstanding results in Sous-Vide cooking processes, in addition to being highly effective for food-preserving as well.

We have even conquered the space!

A joint project with the aerospace company Argotec led us to develop the Argovac, a tailor-made vacuum machine for packing the food for the “Futura Space Mission” in which the Italian astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti was a key participant.


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